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12 Commandments of Naming

by Hal Meyer

1. Think Big --Even if you are planning a local business, plan for your future which can include national and global expansion.

2. Avoid "Me Too" --The point of marketing is to stand out and be different. Copy Cat schemes don't deliver.

3. Keep it simple.

4. Keep it MEMORABLE.

5. All things equal, an alphabetically desirable name helps -- alot.

6. Watch our for undesirable connotations, both in English and in other languages.

7. Watch out for trademarks that belong to other entities.

8. Try to connote what you do or offer or the nature of your product/ service.

9. Get outside viewpoints. The more good minds, the better.

10. Allow yourself the possibility of imperfection, and consider the opinions of consumers and focus groups. Allow yourself the freedom and right to re-name yourself or replace obsolete names.

11. Don't underestimate the value of a good name!

12. Own the dotcom extension of the name!

Hal Meyer is CEO of NAMING SYSTEMS (sm), a division of Hog Advertising LLC, an online advertising agency based in Las Vegas, Nevada (www.NamingSystems.com).

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